Help needed with Christmas Fair Preparation!

There are lots of jobs to do in school for the Christmas Fair. Please find an hour to come in, the workload to share. I will meet you and explain what job is next to do. I will make you a brew too. Anytime during the school day or straight after school would be great. It all goes towards making festive fun for the little and big ones. (I tried to make it rhyme, but no luck)
Thank you,
Vicki Parker,
Friends Of Tanners Brook Primary School


Thank you so much for all the donations sent I’m for Non-school uniform day. Fabulous selection of items.

Please would you send in any more donations to school for the Christmas Fair.
Particularly we would like new or preloved Soft toys, games, toys and small toys ( for lucky dips). Unwanted gifts, nearly new items, used/unwanted gift and bottle bags, and Christmas bits and bobs.

Thank you,
The Friends


A big thank you to everyone who made it to or AGM last week – it was great to see you there!

Following the meeting our committee are:

Chairperson: Vicki Parker

Vice-Chair: Dawn Tilley

Secretary: Rebecca Davies

Treasurer: Katie Gough

Thank you also to Suzanne, Andrea and Rob who have continued to volunteer for their specific roles. We really appreciate the time given to help support us.

Also, thank you to all parents who volunteer throughout the year to help with all our events, and those who come and support them, we couldn’t run them without you!